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Percent of Total All Ages Admissions to Minnesota Treatment Facilities for Alcohol, 2017: by Region

PercentCompare to State Average: 36.8%
Minnesota36.8%Barchart image
East Central35.8%Barchart image
Metro39.5%Barchart image
Non-Metro2.7%Barchart image
Northwest28.1%Barchart image
Northeast29.9%Barchart image
Southeast35.9%Barchart image
Southwest35.9%Barchart image
West Central36.0%Barchart image

About the Indicator: The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Normative Evaluation System admission form contains 21 substances that a person can be admitted for, as well as an ‘other’ category.  This indicator represents the primary substance of abuse that persons were admitted for.  An asterisk indicates that the value is between 1 and 5, and is thus suppressed.  Persons were excluded if age, race/ethnicity, gender or residence was unknown.

This indicator represents the percentage of each specific demographic group admitted to treatment facilities in Minnesota by primary substance of abuse, out of the overall total of admissions to treatment facilities in Minnesota for that specific demographic group.  For example, the number of males under age 18 for a specific race admitted to treatment who reported primary abuse of marijuana were then divided by the total number of males under age 18 for that specific race, who were admitted to treatment for that same year.

As of 2007, the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) can be used to compare state and national rates of persons in treatment by their primary substance of abuse:   alcohol (rate ratio = 1.33:1.00), marijuana (rate ratio = 1.06:1.00), crack/cocaine (rate ratio = 0.73:1.00), methamphetamine (rate ratio = 1.29:1.00), heroin (rate ratio = 0.26:1.00), and other opiates (rate ratio = 1.02:1.00).   For more national comparisons, click here State Epi Profile.

Data Source: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Normative Evaluation System (DAANES)


DAANES includes data on all private- and public-pay treatment facility admissions and discharges. Data were obtained by request from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) of the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Sponsored by: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD), Minnesota Department of Human Services

Geographic Level: State, Region, County

Frequency: Data reported annually

Characteristics: Detoxification facilities report using a separate system, and therefore information about detox admissions in Minnesota is not available through the DAANES system. The DAANES intake form incorporates a portion of the Federal Client Data Set. The history form incorporates an expanded version of the alcohol and other drug (AOD) use items from the Client Data Set and an arrest summary. The discharge form includes discharge status, referrals, payment source and charges, inpatient days, and outpatient treatment hours. According to Minnesota Statutes, Section 254B.05, subdivision 1, chemical dependency providers must participate in DAANES to be eligible for payment under the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CCDTF). Approximately 35 detoxification facilities also report voluntarily on a separate DAANES system