Tobacco-Related Disciplinary Incidents

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Percent of School Disciplinary Incidents Involving Tobacco, All Available Years: by Region

East Central6%6%4%7%
West Central5%5%4%4%

About the Indicator: School disciplinary incidents involving tobacco were obtained by school district, then aggregated to the county level.  Percentages are found by totaling each county's tobacco-related incidents and dividing them by the total amount of disciplinary incidents for that county. Each incident is counted only once; if multiple reasons per incident were reported, only the most serious reason is counted.

The Minnesota Department of Education recommends each school district follow its own definitions in the discipline policy to address the possession, use, distribution or sale of tobacco products on school grounds, school-sponsored events and on transportation to and from school or other school transportation. More detail over what may be considered a tobacco product can be found at Minnesota Statutes Section 297F.01, Subd. 19

Data Source: Minnesota Department of Education Data Center

Description: The Minnesota Department of Education's Data Center provides reports and data on students, schools, districts, teachers, and education-related organizations.

Sponsored by: MN Department of Education

Geographic Level: School district, County, State, Region

Frequency: Data collected and reported annually

Characteristics:  Each year districts report all disciplinary incidents that result in an out-of-school suspension/removal of one day or longer and expulsions/exclusions.